A hosted PBX (private branch exchange) phone system is delivered as a hosted service, typically by one of the major telephone companies. Also called a virtual PBX, a hosted PBX can free companies from having to invest in the costly equipment of a complex business phone system, while still enabling the company to utilize telephony features like voicemail, faxing, automated greetings, touchtone menus, conference calling, call auditing and calling logs and more. A hosted PBX is the modern alternative to costly, clunky PBX equipment that is tied to one location.

Hosted PBX companies handle call routing, or switching, at their own location and are responsible for managing all of the PBX equipment and software involved in the virtual PBX service. Hosted PBX services can function over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) over the Internet (hosted IP PBX via Internet telephony), or over a combination of the two.

Hosted PBX, or virtual PBX, is a business phone system that is “hosted” by a provider that takes care of system maintenance, meaning you do not need to worry about maintenance issues.  Virtual PBX systems are perfect for offices that want their customers to reach any department or employee through one number. These phone systems are inexpensive because they work with your existing phones so purchasing additional hardware is not necessary.

Here are some other helpful features of virtual PBX systems:

  • Online account lets you manage incoming calls and the experience callers have (you can set up a dial-by-name directory, set up an auto-attendant that directs callers to a department, and more)
  • You can set the path calls take, redirecting calls from your office phone lines to mobile phones, other office phones, home phones, and even faxes
  • Online voicemail
  • Online call logs

Hosted (Cloud/Virtual) PBX is a professional business phone system that allows an organization to do things like create employee and department extensions that route calls through simple or advanced call queues. For example, you can create a sales department on extension 1. When a caller presses 1, the virtual pbx can ring all the employees who are on a sales team at the same time until someone picks up, or call them one at a time on a sequential order. You can even do more advanced things like prioritize calls based on an employee’s skill level or allow a supervisor to listen in or create advanced scheduling. The system can route these calls to desk phones, personal cell phones, and even desktop apps.

Office moves are simpler with Cloud PBX.

Moving office with a traditional PBX system could take a long time. But with a cloud PBX phone system, your phone system and its features are hosted in the cloud, so there’s no on-site management.

Using a Cloud PBX as a form of hosted VoIP solves a lot of problems in traditional PBX service, and it is a good option for any business owner to consider.

Hosted PBX service is an all-in-one solution to meet all your communication needs without having to incur installation and maintenance cost and operational inefficiencies of the traditional hardwired phone. A complete, flexible Hosted PBX set up (also known as Cloud PBX, Virtual PBX or IP PBX) unifies multiple communication channels to improve productivity, enhance collaboration and ease network communication.

Our feature-rich Hosted PBX platform is tailored to fit with your workflow, add/remove extensions within seconds, handle thousands of incoming/outgoing calls with ease and lets your business remain connected from anywhere across the globe. With zero installation cost, pay as you go plans, and plug and play cloud communication model, you can get started within minutes to connect with the required resources wherever you need.